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Reformation Society - The Life and Legacy of David Livingstone
14 Mar 2013 19.30 h


At 7:30pm on Thursday, 14 March, Dr. Peter Hammond will present a special PowerPoint presentation on The Life and Legacy of David Livingstone at the Reformation Society.


2013 is the Livingstone Bicentennial. 19 March marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of David Livingstone. Dr. David Livingstone was the best friend Africa ever had. He was a great Missionary Pioneer pathfinder who dedicated his life to ending the slave trade and opening up Africa for he Gospel.


To mark the Livingstone Bicentenary, Frontline Fellowship has launched a website and a Dr. David Livingstone Facebook page.


Frontline Fellowship is preparing an In the Footsteps of David Livingstone documentary film and The Life and Legacy of David Livingstone book in cooperation with Nordskog Publishing.


Frontline Fellowship Missionary teams will be conducting special Discipleship Training Seminars and Reformation Seminars in many of the areas where David Livingstone pioneered. David Livingstone was the first Evangelist to proclaim the Gospel in the much of Central Africa. He walked from coast to coast. From the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean Traversing Southern and Central Africa by foot.


It has been the privilege of our missionaries to follow in the footsteps of David Livingstone, witnessing the phenomenal growth of the Churches in those areas where he first ploughed up the hard, stony ground and planted the Gospel seed, with many tears, and on occasion, his own blood.


The sufferings and sacrifices of Dr. David Livingstone, and his perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds, is a most inspiring example of excellence.


The 200th anniversary of the birth of Dr. David Livingstone is a unique opportunity to inspire greater missionary vision, Evangelistic zeal, and enthusiasm for applying the Lordship of Christ to all areas of life. Dr. Peter Hammond is available to give special Life and Legacy of David Livingstone presentations to schools, colleges and congregations.


Visit, and like and share the Dr. David Livingstone Facebook page.


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