The Greatest Century of Reformation

The Greatest Century of Reformation

The Greatest Century of Reformation presents the incredible stories of the courageous Reformers and the events that God used to bring about the greatest Revival of faith and freedom in history.

The Reformation was one of the most momentous turning points in world history. It was led by men of strong faith, deep convictions, great intelligence, high moral standards and tremendous courage.

The energies that were released by the rediscovery of the Bible in the common tongue, led to the most extraordinary spiritual Revival in history. The Reformation freed the Christians of Northern Europe from the decadence of Renaissance paganism and led to the greatest birth of freedom and scientific discoveries in history. The Reformers of the 16th Century won for us the principles of religious freedom, liberty of conscience, the rule of law, separation of powers and constitutionally limited republics.

Read about the Reformers who changed the world forever:

"May God use Dr. Peter Hammond’s book, The Greatest Century of Reformation, to indeed ’inspire a new generation of Reformers and relight the fires of the Reformation in our time." - Dr. D. James Kennedy, Ph.D. , Evangelism Explosion

"The Greatest Century of Reformation is an accurate, succinct, and captivating account God’s power working through a small number of His people to change the world. It is must read for every homeschooler or Christian school student---it is also a wonderful book to read out loud for family devotions."Christopher Klicka, Senior Counsel,Home School Legal Defense Association

"By the 16 th Century true Christianity was virtually unrecognizable. The Church had moved so far from its original message of salvation by grace through faith as the gift of God – not of works – that it surely tested the very limits of God’s patience. Our Lord Jesus, who promised to build His Church and not allow the gates of hell, or Rome, to prevail against it, raised up a succession of godly men to bring the ship of faith back on God’s intended course. This book examines the lives and times of these divinely chosen men. It has been my pleasure and spiritual benefit to hear Dr. Hammond’s Reformation lectures at Livingstone House. This book is the fruit of many years of diligent study, searching historical records and personally visiting all the major geographical centers of Reformation activity in Europe. I make no apology in recommending this book as a classic crash-course in understanding how the Protestant Reformation changed forever the history of Western Civilization and quite possibly led to the establishment of the United States of America." - Rev. Bill Bathman, Chairman, Frontline Fellowship

"There has never been a greater need for a book on the Reformation than now. To be reminded of the major battles of yesterday, and the men who paid the supreme sacrifice for the upholding of Truth, is vital if the present generation is not to sell out to the trends and the fads which are culturally inherited and have nothing to do with the Gospel as revealed once and for all to the saints! Peter Hammond, in his unique non-compromising style, leaves the reader with no alternative...either a return to Biblical revelation or the ongoing pursuit of man-pleasing religion!"Mike Evans, Principal, Geneva Bible Institute

"Dr. Hammond has done a lot of disciplined reading and research to enable him to write these objective, factual and documentary chapters. It’s an inspiration for our faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible. I heartily endorse and recommend this Reformation Book."Dr. Fritz Haus , Stellenbosch

"The Reformation was one of the greatest events of the past 1,000 years. Dr. Peter Hammond has done us a great service by preparing this book which highlights the important happenings that have shaped our history and altered the course of the Christian Church forever. Bible believing Christians will be inspired by the stories of people and events that led to the modern missionary movement and the Evangelical surge that has flowed from it."Dr. Nico Bougas, Executive Editor, Christian Living Today. 

’Peter Hammond has undertaken a monumental task in producing a book to help inform us of our Christian history and heritage. As he discusses each Reformer, we begin to understand the dynamic quality of these men, who were very ordinary human beings with their normal human failings, but who were driven by a faith and a vision that puts ours to shame. We are inspired anew as we see what Christ did with these ordinary - and yet extraordinary - individuals, and how His purposes were realized, although it often took many years of suffering and tears before the results came. Not only does this book help us gain some insight into the Reformation, and those who led it, but it also encourages us to continue their work in our day. As you read The Greatest Century of Reformation, may you be inspired to put on the full armour of God, and with the sword of the Spirit do battle with the enemy - and prevail."Alison Shortridge , Co-Director: Theocentric Christian Education

"In the words of the late Bishop Stephen Bradley, we are in danger of forgetting truths for which previous generations gave their lives. This book is to correct that situation. In bold style it outlines the lives and times of John Hus, John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, John Knox, their spiritual awakening, their faith, struggles, and sacrifices. This book makes us proud of our noble Christian heritage. It shows Who God is, what He says, what He has done, and how He works. It strengthens faith and raises courage. May the Lord use it to accomplish great things in our time."Dorothea Scarborough, Gospel Defence League

"Dr Peter Hammond’s new book ’The Greatest Century of Reformation’ is a must-read for any believer who recognizes the cultural decay that has beset the Western world and who longs to see the restoration of a fully authentic and comprehensive Biblical Christianity in our time. May God raise the same spirit of Reformation and Revival in our day, in a tide-turning outpouring of His mercy and power that unseats the wickedness and darkness that seeks to dominate our age.
’The Greatest Century of Reformation’ will be a vital tool and indeed an effective weapon in the hands of many, as God’s covenanted people press forward in this day of challenge and unprecedented opportunity."Rev. Mike O’Donovan, His HeartBeat Ministries

"Having known Peter Hammond for many years, as a man who holds the truth as a sacred trust, I urge you to read, ’The Greatest Century of Reformation’. Be awakened to courage as you walk in the path of God’s messengers during this period of Reformation. Experience a fresh awakening to Faith as you witness God’s sovereign power at work when a man or woman places their trust in Him. Walk in the steps of the Reformers and watch them challenge the impossible, with God behind them. Then consider in this most perilous hour of history, do we dare believe that God will act in that way again in our time? Luther faced a most destructive antagonism against Biblical Christianity. Once again this antagonism is rampant in modern history. When you lay down this book, dare to call upon the Mighty God, who arms Himself with light, and pray for a new Reformation to challenge this pervading darkness. Will you count yourself as one who will stand for God? Together, let us say to the next generation, we gave our best. "Pastor Mike Kiley, The Home Church

"Reading Peter Hammond’s outstanding outline of what happened then will surely stimulate a yearning for a Reformation to come upon the Church of Jesus Christ again. We are deeply indebted to Peter Hammond for a fresh and excellent reminder of the facts of history concerning the greatest century of Reformation. What a book, and how sorely needed is this new book!"Dr. Martin Holdt, Constantia Park Baptist Church

"I received The Greatest Century of Reformation today. When I opened the book, I couldn’t hold back my joy, hence I burst into praising God and jubilating. Thanks a million for your brotherly kindness. You may not know what your book have done in my life but as a point of fact, your book has brought revival to my soul. The Lord has used the book to prune and enrich my life. I prepared a lot of teachings and sermon from the book and I am using them in pulpits. Please send more books for me."Bishop T.C.G. Maseko, Malawi

"Few Christians today remember or appreciate their Reformation heritage. Yet, if not for the Reformation, they would not have a Bible translated into their native language. They would never hear the joyful sound of the Gospel. Peter Hammond has done a tremendous service to the Church by presenting the lives and teachings of the Reformers. It is noteworthy that he reveals their response to the Muslim threat of their day. They referred to the cruel invasions or Jihads of the "Turks" and clearly saw that if they were not defeated, Europe would be destroyed as surely as the Byzantium Empire was destroyed.
I recommend this book to all serious Christians who love the Lord and defend the faith once and for delivered unto the saints."Dr. Robert A. Morey President California Biblical University and Seminary

"The excellent book ’The Greatest Century of Reformation’ gives a concise and clear account of the events and great significance of the Reformation in our time of spirtual confusion. I hope that many theological institutions include it in their syllabus."Prof. Dr. P Beyerhaus, DD. Institut Diakrisis

The Greatest Century of Reformation is 220 pages with 160 pictures and maps and is available in both hard cover and soft cover.

The Greatest Century of Reformation is available from: Christian Liberty Books PO Box 358 Howard Place 7450 Cape Town South Africa Tel: 021-689-7478 Web:

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