Pray for Peter and Lenora
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12310052 1088163027880740 7412067801979660444 oDearest Friends!

The year 2016 arrived brimming with guests and camp participants. We had such an array of international attendees, and I must say, it was the most action packed three week camp and course I have ever known. It is particularly meaningful to Peter and me, when our children willingly and joyfully participate in the events and outreaches as well. Growing up in a Missionary home can be daunting to say the least, and often children feel duty bound to ‘tow the line’. So when our children invite their friends and form an integral part of our Camp and Course, our hearts as parents are full.

The next few months saw Peter catching up with many writing deadlines, including the final publication of Dad’s Book Going On, Old Testament Survey, Sketches from South African History and more.  In fact, due to the many writing projects, Peter was in Cape Town until the end of May, which is quite unusual.
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