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 From Rev. Bill Bathman, the Chairman of the Board of Frontline Fellowship

The Frontline Mission team is on the road traveling north, moving by faith, full of hope and motivated by love - the trilogy Christian experience that Paul promised in 1 Corinthians 13.

As you know, this Mission to South Sudan is time-sensitive. The country has just recently declared its Independence. Over the past 16 years our Mission Director Dr. Peter Hammond has personally made 27 mission trips to Sudan, during which time he trained Chaplains, pastors, medics and teachers plus aided in planting churches, establishing schools and a Bible College. All of this was during the war and each of these ministries needs to be resupplied - now. The Missions team’s departure depended on having the funds to equip and prepare two vehicles. Oh, and while you're at it, factor in the 'rainy season.'

As the time-deadline approached they realised that sufficient funds to fuel a second vehicle was doubtful. Their best truck was fully equipped and ready. They could take all four men (the two teams needed for multiple ministry in South Sudan). The Lord supplied a heavy-duty trailer that could carry twice the load of an ordinary one, so the amount of literature and medical supplies was not diminished.

After much prayer, Peter made the decision to "go", even though there were only enough funds to buy fuel for about one-third of the way up to Sudan, and nothing for the return trip! Some of the admin staff at Mission HQ in Cape Town thought he was reckless. His response was typical Hammond ese: "Why should God supply all of what we need until we do what we can with what we have?" When Joshua, crossed the flooded Jordan to enter the Promised Land, it wasn't until the Priests put their feet into the water and started across that God worked the miracle and rolled the waters back.

The team "got their feet wet" at 04:00 in the morning, two weeks ago. We talked with Peter for over an hour this morning. The team is well on the way north and - you guessed it - since they left the Lord is sending in the funds, via His faithful servants like you, to complete the Mission - up and back! On the way, they were able to purchase in Pretoria numerous Megavoice MP3 solar-powered audio teaching tools in Sudanese languages. Praise the Lord! More news later.

Yours in His grip,

Rev. Bill Bathman


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