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Africa Overland Mission Update - August 2013


Dear Friends and Family

Greetings in the precious and powerful Name of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ!

I trust that God has been taking care of you back home in the same way as He has been taking care of us out here in the field.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths. Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it." Proverbs 3:5-6, 27

Mission Overview

We have been in the field for 5 months and are now in our 6th month of ministry on this Africa Overland Mission. We have wrapped up our ministry in South Sudan and are now ministering in Uganda which is the 6th country out of the 11, which we plan to visit. We have travelled more than 20,000km and have had many great opportunities to minister to soldiers who protect South Sudan's northern borders, train and equip army chaplains, and conduct seminars with pastors, Evangelists, and lay leaders. We have conducted a total of 335 services, outreaches and other meetings of which 150 were in South Sudan.

Bumpy Start in South Sudan

As we entered into South Sudan two months ago, we encountered excessive mechanical complications which slowed us down considerably. Nevertheless, we have been able to make up for lost time and had an effective and busy time of ministry accomplishing all but one of our planned objectives.

Newest Country in Africa

South Sudan is the newest country in the world and we were privileged to be able to celebrate Independence Day here with the South Sudanese people as they celebrated their second year of freedom from the Arab North.

State of Insecurity

South Sudan has 10 states of which 9 have insecurity issues; Only Western Equatoria is considered to be without security problems. We have conducted ministry in states of Eastern Equatoria, Central Equatoria, Lakes, Western Bahr el Ghazal, and Western Equatoria. We praise God for protecting us as we travelled through this country in turmoil.

Military Ministry

One of the many highlights of this Mission has been the great opportunity that we have had to minister to the soldiers, officers, and chaplains of the South Sudan Military. This was obviously one of the main focuses and goals of this Africa Overland Mission. We have been delighted to distribute Bibles, Leadership books, Discipleship books, Gospel literature, screen the Jesus film, and conduct Great Commission Seminars among the soldiers and chaplains at 5 military bases.

Seeds Bearing Fruit

One of the chaplains that had arranged our ministry among the soldiers at the brigade headquarters at the frontline, was one of the first four chaplains that had been trained by Frontline Fellowship during the war, in 1996. He is most certainly a dynamic and productive man who has made a great impact for the Kingdom of God in the area where he is responsible. He has planted 6 churches and has trained many others to preach the Gospel and has sent them out as evangelists in the frontline. It was good to see the fruit of the work that had begun 17 years ago.

Fertile Western Equatoria

Driving through the lush rainforests of Western Equatoria was indeed a magnificently exhilarating experience. Even though South Sudan has not received much rainfall this rainy season, the extravagant green growth is brilliantly obvious which makes this former fact hard to believe. This state is certainly a fertile land, but in more ways than just one. The rich vegetation which envelops the churches and parishes seems to be a relative indication as to the spiritual hunger and fervour which the Christians of Western Equatoria have.

Productive Ministry Opportunities

We have been privileged to have conducted effective ministry in schools, churches, military barracks, on radio, and productive Great Commission Seminars, in Yambio, Maridi, Farakasika, Bahr Olo, Mundri, and Lui. The seminars were lavishly well attended, the church services were abundantly packed, and the schools were eagerly excited and desperately attentive, as we shared with them. These folk of Western Equatoria certainly have an appetite for the things of God.


We have been privileged to have had Daniel, who served with Frontline Fellowship in 2011 on a previous Africa Overland Mission, join us for these past two-and-a-half months. We were also somewhat sad to see him go back to the USA to continue with his studies. Daniel is an energetic young man with a passion for Missions and a fire burning in him for the Kingdom of God. He has been a great help to us and has been effective in the ministry and in assisting with many of the practical chores that life on the road demands. We will definitely miss him and we pray that God will bless his studies at college, use him wherever he goes, and bring him back to Africa in the near future.

Grateful Appreciation

Thank you very much to all of our supporters who have contributed financially to make this Mission a success. We desperately appreciate your generous support and continually covet your persistent prayers for us.

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In His service - and loving it!

An unworthy servant,

Michael Watson

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