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Volume 3 1991

Churches among the Lomwe — Makua tribes of war-ravaged Zambezia province are experiencing incredible growth and revival blessings. Zambezia is the most populous province of Socialist Mozambique and its Lomwe-Makua people group represent over 40% of Mozambiques 15 million population. In 1982 the Lomwe-Makua were listed as an Unreached Peoples Group. Now there are over 300 000 believers in 600 evangelical congregations.

Pastor Simon’s Brethren church in a Renamo resistance controlled area has seen his congregation grow from a handful to over 2 000 members in 2 years. He has also started 27 "preaching points" in “Free Mozambique” and 15 house churches in Frelimo controlled areas. Baptist pastor Nicolao has established 9 churches in 4 years, two of which are in refugee camps.

Many believe that the conflict and social upheaval has contributed to the unprecedented growth of the churches as Christian and Animist refugees come together in these concentration centres. Amidst this spiritual awakening Frontline Fellowship is seeking to provide Bible teaching for the hundreds of untrained pastors, elders and evangelists who need to disciple these new converts. And we are trusting God for the resources to provide the Bibles and literature needed for these new churches.

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