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Volume 2 1988

Testimony of an ex-FRELIMO (FPLM) soldier who participated in this massacre:

The tranquility of village life in Northern Mozambique was shattered by the screaming and abuse shouted by seventy-five Frelimo troops as they swept through the rows of mud-and-thatch huts, herding all the inhabitants towards the clearing in the centre of the kraal. Those villagers who were too old or sick to walk by themselves were stabbed to death with bayonets.

About twelve women were tied to stakes. Then, while their relatives and neighbours were forced to watch, paraffin (kerosene) was poured over them and they were set ablaze.

A village elder was tied to a tree and his skin peeled from his body with pliers. Then he had salt water poured over him. One tribesman who dared to voice his outrage had his eyes gouged out with a sharp stick. To further intimidate the people, the Marxist troops took this, now blind, man's son and cut his lips, ears and nose off. His mother was then forced to eat these amputated parts of her son’s body.

Other families were later forced to dig their own graves which the communists then machine-gunned them into.

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