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Volume 1 1988

The response of the Frelimo Dictatorship in Mozambique to the increasing successes of the resistance movement has been a scorched earth policy, where all food supplies in “liberated zones’ under Renamo control or in contested areas are systematically destroyed.

The aim has been to deprive the resistance of its source of food and starve them into defeat. The manmade famine was then conveniently blamed on “the bandits’, and relief agencies were called upon to publish this Frelimo propaganda (from Agency Information Mozambique - AIM).

The next stage in this strategy was to manipulate the relief agencies into further supporting the Marxist tyranny in Mozambique by providing foreign aid to Frelimo. No agency is allowed to distribute food freely on their own. Relief agencies are forced to take sides in this civil war by only providing food to the Marxist government and trusting its “Department of Calamities” to distribute the food “freely and fairly”.

The Frelimo government has been using this food aid as a weapon against the Resistance, which it is attempting to starve out. The relief aid is used as a magnet to draw the population out of the Resistance- controlled “liberated zones” into Marxist- controlled areas. Relief aid is only distributed under Frelimo control in communist-held territory in order to deprive the Resistance of its support base and depopulate the “liberated zones”. This “forced removals” by famine seems to be a deliberate policy of Frelimo which is being supported, and made possible, by the actions of Christian Aid, World Vision, Oxfam and other relief agencies.

It seems incredible that so many humanitarian relief agencies and missions could be so gullible and naïve as to swallow and publish the Frelimo propaganda, ignore the real causes of the man-made famine (socialist economic policies, nationalisation, collectivisations and scorched earth policies) and then place the powerful weapon of food into the hands of the Marxist dictatorship, trusting them to distribute the food fairly and without corruption and abuse. Clearly their trust has been misplaced.

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