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Volume 1 1988

4-Million displaced persons within Mozambique.

1-Million refugees have fled from Mozambique.

100 000 Deaths in civil war between 1975-1985.

1-Million deaths due to starvation caused by Socialist nationalisations, collectivisations and scorched earth policies.

37% Of budget 1987-1988 devoted to military expenditure.

30% Of population have access to health services.

13% Of population have access to safe water.

313 Doctors for population of 14.5 million.

27 Doctors for all rural areas of Mozambique.

200 Children die out of every 1 000 under 1-year old.

325 Children out of every 1 000 die before reaching age 5 years.

595 Health centres closed in Mozambique during 1987. (No private medicine is permitted - entire health system nationalised)

40% Of rural children under 5 years old affected by chronic malnutrition in Mozambique.

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