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November 1986

In these days following the sudden leath of president Samora Machel, when many church leaders are praising this atheist, it may be well to note some of his public speeches:

“Religion is a superstition which pretends that man is dependent on a super natural being who doesn’t exist... Religious superstition must be replaced by a scientific, materialist, that is, Marxist approach. The Church has always been on the side of the oppressors. . . It is a reactionary institution. . . Religion is something that divides people.” Le Mozambique, Dossier Pro Mundi Vita, Louvain January 1977, pg. 16-19.

“Religion is a tool of imperialism ... it is either us or the enemy. . . They claim to speak in the name of the people! But which people? Apes, or parrots.” Tempo. Maputo, 13 May 1979.

“In the open conflict with the Church, the régime seems to have decided to destroy it along with all internal opposition Iii his speech on 1 May, Samora Machel has declared war on the Church." Le Monde, 2 June 1979.

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