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By God’s grace we have just received this report from a pastor in Zimbabwe:

"What a privilege it was for me to share today with the brave Christians arrested in Bulawayo over the weekend! There is no doubt in my mind: this is now a dreadful form of religious persecution. I travelled through to Bulawayo from our town of Gweru to visit the 11 Christians in jail. I asked the Lord to perform a miracle of His grace so that I would be given permission to speak with each one. As I sat in the fifth office I had been sent to, suddenly 10 of the believers were ushered into the same room! We hugged and laughed together. Some are personal friends, others were complete strangers to me, yet we were bound together in a sacred moment of shared joy.

"Their real crime was that they dared to pray and worship when the powers that be had refused them permission to hold a prayer walk. The organiser of the prayer meeting Rev. Noel Scott had been arrested and 10 sympathetic Christians had gone to pray with him at the Central Police Station. They too were detained for two nights. Ten men and one lady, they represent the Christians of Zimbabwe. They are from several denominations, they are black, white and coloured and their crime is praying for peace, justice, law and order and freedom of speech.

"In the same building was another man being questioned by the police. Dave Coltart, my friend and brave Member of Parliament, had been picked up and was facing arrest on false charges. He too is a committed Christian and his real crime is that he belongs to the political opposition here in Zimbabwe.

"As I write this e mail, I am so glad to tell you that God has intervened and ALL have been released, some on bail and Dave perhaps facing further harassment. I have told them how incredibly proud we all are of their stand for Christ and for good. They were not at all afraid and I saw no tears, just smiles and Christian joy.

"Please pray for our nation. Pray that all charges against the 11 and Dave will be dropped. Pray for a return to peace and justice. Pray for the miracle of free and fair elections to take place on 9 to 10 March. Pray for God’s man to lead this nation. Pray for the downfall of injustice and corruption. Pray for the miracle of non-violence, both before and after elections.

"Whatever you do... don’t feel sorry for us! The line has been drawn in the sand and good will prevail. The people of Zimbabwe are determined. A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD!"

Despite these Christians having been released, they still face charges. Please continue to pray for them and mobilise protests against the Communist regime in Zimbabwe which for the last 2 years has been threatening, attacking, torturing and murdering farmers, journalists, opposition members, judges, businessmen and pastors. Contact the nearest Zimbabwe Consulate near you or:

Write to the Zimbabwe Ambassador in Washington DC. This is his official title:

His Excellency Dr. Simbi V. Mubako,
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary,
Embassy of Zimbabwe
1608 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington DC 20009
Tel: 202 322 7100
Fax: 202 483 9326
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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