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ANC president Jacob Zuma is confused

The ANC president Jacob Zuma is confused. What efforts of the US and Europe are preventing the solving of the Zimbabwean crisis? The solution to the Zimbabwean political and economic crisis is the removal of ZANU PF government of president Robert Mugabe. ZANU PF tyranny must go. Zuma sympathies seem to be with Mugabe.

"Nobody is doing more to help the situation in Zimbabwe than South Africa,"said Zuma. What is South Africa doing to help Zimbabwe? President Thabo Mbeki is supporting ZANU PF “government” under the facade of 'Quiet Diplomacy'. May Il remind Zuma that Zimbabwe does not need the reconciliation of opposition political parties with the ZANU PF government , but the removal of the bloodthirsty, ZANU PF dictatorship.

In 2002 Sam Mo Tsuenyane, the head of South Africa's observer mission legitimised presidential elections that were blatantly rigged by Mugabe. Mr. Zuma wants to deceive people, the South African government supports Mugabe's terrorism.

ZANU PF stays in power by lies, terrorism and rigging elections. If Zuma is supporting terrorism in Zimbabwe it is better he doesn’t become president of South Africa. South Africa is committing suicide by letting Zuma coming into power. We don't need more dictators in Africa. Africa has had enough of wicked rulers.

Zuma said, "I'm not sure I will do anything fundamentally different (to Zimbabwe)."Shame! What do you think you can do? You support your Marxist brother Mugabe.

ANC leaders are dictators and failures. It is my prayer that Zuma doesn’t come to power in South Africa. South Africa and Zimbabwe were pillars of Africa, now Zimbabwe is gone. Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans have been murdered by ZANU PF dictatorship. Millions of Zimbabweans have fled political persecutions and severe economic crisis in Zimbabwe - which is a result of the communist policies of the ruling government of Mugabe.

Words have an invisible power, Speak up against oppression in Zimbabwe and ANC madness.

Collen Makumbirofa
Foundation of Reason & Justice
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