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Mugabe’s murderous ZANU (PF) regime in Zimbabwe is being enriched by blood diamonds even as the longsuffering Zimbabwe people are suffering one of the worst economic melt downs in history.

National Suicide

More than half of the total population of Zimbabwe have fled the country, which is inflicted with the highest unemployment and worst inflation world wide. Now, numerous credible reports have revealed how Mugabe has continued to stay in power despite the economic suicide of having destroyed the over 5,000 white commercial farms, which were once the major employer, main source of foreign exchange earnings and which had effectively fed the 10million population.

The China Connection

Mugabe and his Marxists politburo have been enriching themselves with blood diamonds from the Marange diamond fields in South East Zimbabwe. The area has been declared a military zone and the area cleared of its local inhabitants. Many hundreds have been killed and the tribes which inhabited this area for generations have been chased away. The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army is supervising the diamond mining in Marange and Antanov cargo planes are transporting the diamonds exploited from Marange directly from the bush runway to China. The Marange diamond fields are believed to be one of the largest diamond fields in the world with a potential of up to a quarter of all diamonds mined around the globe. In return for the diamonds the Chinese military are supplying weapons and other essential materials to keep the unpopular Mugabe regime in power in Zimbabwe.

Military Hardware for Diamonds

Zimbabwean human rights officials have documented numerous cases of murder and torture of civilians who have strayed into the Marange diamond fields. The weapons for diamonds deal between Zimbabwe and China was reportedly set up by General Constantine Chiwenga. The Mbada Diamond Company has been fronted by Mugabe appointees such as Robert Mhlanga, along with Chinese partners Deng Hongyan Zhang, Shibin Zhang Hui, Jiang Zhaoyao and Cheng Qins. Refugees from Marange have horror stories of atrocities and abuse by the Zimbabwe and Chinese military.

China Moves into Africa

China’s trade with Africa has risen four fold in the last six years and is estimated to exceed US$100billion this year. China has now overtaken Britain to become Africa’s third most important trading partner, after the USA and France.

A New Colonialism

Angola, Algeria, the Congo, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Sudan and Zimbabwe are among prominent nations in Africa which are purchasing weapons from Red China by selling their mineral rights. Despite the international ban on ivory poaching, the Marxist ZANU government of Zimbabwe has sold ivory to Red China in exchange for jet fighters, tanks and other military hardware.

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