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Harassment at the Border


After arriving early at the Zimbabwe border, we spent six hours trying to clear all the goods which we were carrying. The border officials were, as always, a law unto themselves. There was just no way around paying duties even on the free literature as well as the Boxes with Love relief aid!

At around two o'clock we were finally free from the border and proceeded into Zimbabwe. This was also one of two of the hottest days since 1962. We safely arrived at our first venue later that evening.

Reformation Seminar

We then started our ministry without delay. We met up with the pastor and he set up a meeting with local pastors and chaplains. We were blessed to be able to speak to them about issues regarding the Reformation. This included a brief overview of the Reformation (as we assumed no one knew anything about the Reformation), why we need Reformation in our Churches as well as some practical steps that could be taken to Reform our Churches totally.

Power Failures

The electricity was out so we had to use a generator (we would have to quickly get use to this regular occurrence). A local businessman from Mutare donated a small generator for the ministry. It is more than adequate to power our computers, data projector and sound system during upcoming ministry. This will be very handy as the electricity supply is very unstable and unpredictable.

Light in the Darkness

Thursday we had the opportunity to speak to another rural congregation. We spoke on the Ten Commandments and Repentance. Again the electricity was out and this time we had to preach by candle light. We were well received and the congregation showed appreciation for our visiting and preaching to them.

Pastors Seminar

In the morning a four hour conference with local pastors was set up. We focused on Evangelism where we taught the importance of the Law of God in Evangelism. We showed Hells Best Kept Secret and also taught on Muslim Evangelism.

Film Evangelism

That night we went to a rural settlement to show the Jesus film in Shona. We preached in between power cuts and showed the film when we had the chance. Everyone there made a commitment to follow Christ! Saturday we held another outreach showing theJesus film. This time it was raining so we had to find refuge under a sheltered market where about 70 people came to watch the film. After the film, an alter call was given and while the message was being preached there were some rowdy youngsters making a noise trying to distract the focus of the people listening, and attract attention to themselves. Despite the disturbances about 20 courageous people stepped forward to surrender to Christ.

Sunday Services

Sunday we both had equal opportunity to preach in the morning where the congregation were challenged to seek after Reformation principles and put feet to their Faith! Sunday evening we were able to encourage the pensioners to whom we had given the Boxes with Love. All of them were very thankfull and asked us to convey their deepest thanks.

A Battle for the Heart

Sunday night we showed the Jesus film near a rural market. The location which we showed the film was right in front of a house with blaring music. As we started the film the electricity went out, but we were using a generator! This caused the annoying music behind us to come to a sudden stop and we were also the loudest noise in the neighbourhood. We drew a rather large crowd including Christians, drunkards and cult members.

Way of the Master Inspiration

Monday we travelled while we were encouraged by Todd Friel's "Terrified" MP3.

Bible College

Tuesday we were invited to minister to the students at a Bible College in the morning. We focused on Reforming our ChurchesHumility and How to Fail in Life.

Prison Ministry

Wednesday we were blessed with the favour of the Lord as we were allowed into the local prison. We were allowed to preach for about 40 minutes to the prisoners.

Spiritual Warfare

As we spend time in Zimbabwe it has become apparent that true discipleship, Biblical worldview and Reformed teaching are definitely needed. There are countless posters advertising miracle crusades and the like. Clearly God TV and TBN has had a major roll in "discipling" the local pastors and Christians. The spiritual state of the people in Zimbabwe seems a very religious one as there is a huge amount of small churches and the cults and sects are large in numbers!

Please continue to pray for us as we continue on the rest of this already God blessed Mission!


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