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Kathleen Needs Prayer
On Saturday, 28th January, Kathleen Joubert, who was Frontline Fellowship's Audio Visual graphic designer, was diagnosed with brain cancer and given a short life expectancy. It was extremely unexpected. The shock of the news was truly devastating and the whole family is staggering at the implications. They are thankful for the messages of love and hope, of support and strength; they value every one of them. 

Kathleen is in Groote Schuur Hospital being well cared for. She has an excellent doctor. She had a number of seizures and the Doctors are not sure what damage has been caused to her brain. The largest lesion on the right side is putting too much pressure on the brain, causing her left side to go lame. The doctors need to conduct further tests to advise a plan of action on how to contain the cancer. It is thought to be in-operable and most likely melanoma. There was an earlier development in her leg in 2008. The doctors say the only way to cure it is with radiation not chemo. By Sunday the doctors reduced her medication and she is looking better. Kathleen is showing all the symptoms of Melanoma, which is the most aggressive form of cancer. She is probably Stage 4, as it has been metastasising in her for the last 5 years since she had it cut out in Welkom. To try and shrink the tumours which are squeezing her brain, they say she must have radiation treatment. 
Prayer for Kathleen
Prayer Requests
Understandably, Kathleen is very vulnerable, emotionally and physically and will appreciate your prayers and encouragement. The family requests your support and prayer that the doctors will make the right decisions. Pray that God protects her mind from fear, depression and hopelessness. Kathleen is being pumped with steroids and anti-seizure medication which causes her to become drowsy and she falls in and out of consciousness repeatedly. Visiting with her and talking to her proves to be both amusing and challenging. She still has a sense of humour and tries to laugh. She also cries, out of fear and desperation for this to all just go away.

Peace in the Storm
Her eldest daughter, Feylin, writes: "God has provided help in this terrible situation and all we can do is trust in Him. He knows the bigger picture. He loves Kathleen more than anyone else can ever love her. We trust her to be safe in His hands, even if this does not make sense to us, at present. We still trust in His grace and love, no matter what the outcome of this painful journey will be."  

Messages for Kathleen
Feylin is putting together a book for her to read once she is able to start focusing on things again. Any messages you would like to send to Kathleen, please contact Feylin: Cell: 079-094-5861, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , postal address: 3 Mount Street, Mowbray, 7700, Western Cape, South Africa. We are also seeking to organise meals for the family through Rachel (072-876-0419). 

Yesterday she was a little more awake. The doctors met and decided they need to see the results from Pathcare for the very first signs of Melanoma, from 5 years ago, before moving forward. Unfortunately Pathcare are struggling to locate them. Please pray Pathcare finds the files by Monday, when Kathleen is expected to start radiation.

Sonja Joubert and Feylin gave us this update on Thursday:
"Pathcare found the files, the biopsy was originally Melanoma. Kathleen has officially been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in the brain which is incurable. They will begin radiation on the two largest Melanomic lesions in her brain that are causing her the most pain and causing the lameness on the left side of her body. This process will begin on Monday until Friday. The doctors cannot treat the other lesions as they are all too small and there are just too many of them. They say that the radiation will improve her quality of life. The doctors estimate she has a month left on this earth. Yet, only God knows when Kathleen will take her last breath. We trust in the Lord, no matter what comes to be. " 

Kathleen's younger daughter and son will be arriving today from the Orange Free State to spend the weekend with their Mother. Feylin's husband, Cody will be arriving from America on Sunday to help support the family.  

Once the week of radiation is complete, dependent on how Kathleen reacts to it, she will either be sent home, or to the hospice and need 24 hour care. 

Please keep the Joubert family in prayer as this is so unexpected. Feylin writes: "My Mom is the most amazing person in my life and I can't imagine my life without her. She is so close to my heart. Yet if it's her time for God to take her home, who am I to stand in the way. It doesn't make it any easier for me to accept and get used to though. But it is the way it is." 

Kathleen is very much at peace. She feels very loved and cared for. She has said that she will not give up hope no matter what. That's how she was brought up! She has a strong warrior-type personality and her family draws from her strength. Kathleen and Feylin have come to terms together which makes it easier to handle as a family. Kathleen is ready to go home after she has seen her children. Hard though it is, we know the Lord is calling her and preparing the family. 

The family trust in God who gives and takes away. They praise God for His grace in providing a good hospital and supportive friends and family. Thank you for your love, prayers and dinners, they have really helped and have been much appreciated. May His Name be praised in all that is done through this situation. 

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